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Joining A Fitness Centre

Are you looking at joining a fitness centre but do not know what to look for?  Do you want to achieve your health and fitness goals but have no idea where to start?  Gyms.co.nz has compiled a list of items for you to consider before you join any fitness centre.  Also, check out our listing of current NZ fitness centres and the trial offers that are available.

Is the centre a registered fitness centre?  If it is registered with the national organisation then the centre has undertaken steps to ensure that it’s staff are qualified to industry standards.  For a more information on qualified fitness centres in your area please contact your country’s industry organisation. 

Is it convenient for you to visit the centre?  Perhaps it is close to home, or on the way to work.  If the centre is too far out of your way you will find that you are constantly making excuses and not attending the gym.

Are the staff courteous and friendly?  Are they able to answer your questions effectively?  Are they prompt in dealing with your enquiry?  What is the appearance of the staff?

Does the equipment appear clean and well maintained?  Have they got a good range of equipment?  

What types of services do they offer – for example personal training, group exercise?  What does your membership include – regular assessments, programmes?  How will they go about helping you achieve your fitness goals?  

Membership Types
What types of memberships do they offer?  Is it possible to trial the centre before you join?  Do they offer convenient payment options?

What is the overall look and feel of the centre?  Can you see yourself training there regularly?